Apple's iTunes removes iOS App Store from desktop version

The new iTunes is available for download on the Mac App Store through the Software Update mechanism. It was a redundant, inefficient feature that added confusion to an already bloated piece of software. The new App Store for iOS 11 will have a new Today tab which will have original stories from Apple's editors from around the world talking about the newest and latests apps .

Xiaomi takes on the MacBook Pro by adding back some ports

Powering the Mi Notebook Pro are Intel Kaby Lake processors, with customers able to choose from up to a Core i7-8550U or a Core i7-8650U paired with up to 16GB of RAM and up to a 256GB SSD. The only letdown here is the 1080p display resolution and 72-percent NTSC gamut, neither of which sound very "pro". Apart from that, the Mi Notebook Pro comes 2,400MHz dual channel RAM.

SpaceX launches Air Force's super-secret mini-shuttle

This launch - the Air Force's fifth Orbital Test Vehicle mission, or OTV-5 - marks SpaceX's first attempt at boosting the 11,000-pound unmanned space plane to low Earth orbit. SpaceX has launched the Air Force's super-secret space shuttle. Previously, Lockheed Martin's Atlas rockets brought the Boeing vehicle into space.

New details emerge on 'iPhone 8' design, removal of Home Button

Instead of a home button , users will perform actions using on-screen gesture controls involving a sort of dock of icons. The firm is also expected to unveil a major update for Apple Watch, plus a new Apple TV which supports 4K television, in its big annual event.

Microsoft Stops Selling Original Xbox One, Gone Without A Trace

The original Xbox One has actually disappeared from the company's online store in the United States without a trace. The original Xbox One launched in November, 2013 and the Xbox One S went up for sale in August 2016 . The Xbox One X , on the other hand, is off to a great start. If you are looking to get yourself an Xbox One S , there are some nice bundle deals available, including the Forza Horizon 3 bundle, Halo Wars 2 bundle, Gears of War 4 bundle, and Battlefield 1 ...

Samsung confirms plans to launch a smart speaker

It wasn't just the Galaxy Note 8 that was on show today at Samsung's Unpacked event, Samsung's president DJ Koh also confirmed the company is working on a Bixby powered speaker . "In the future, Bixby will have the learning power to offer more intelligent and personalized interactions and seamless connections across more devices", he added.

NASA captures ISS as it flies by the Solar Eclipse. Watch it

But, in an interview from Houston today, the 35-year-old Albertan said the plan after the space station is already starting to be defined. Station transits sun at 5 miles per second in video taken at 1,500 frames per second with high-speed camera from Banner, Wyoming.

Sims 4 Finally Gets Pets

Sims 2 and 3 both had pets expansions, which were among the last expansions to come out. It's the fourth expansion pack released this year, and it will include a variety of breeds of felines and pooches, and players can also use the Create a Pet tool to design a customized pet.

Xbox One X Day One Edition Spotted on Amazon Germany - Rumour

Slated for a November 7 release date , the game for Xbox One , Xbox One X , and Windows 10 has been pushed back to next year. If you were paying attention during E3, you'll have seen Microsoft announced the Xbox One X . However, hopefully we will get a better look at the number of developers planning to support this new console. Having a limited edition Xbox console available at launch would not come as a surprise.

Man With Eye Damage From 1962 Eclipse Warns Others To Be Careful

When watching the eclipse with special, protective glasses, Suh recommended viewing for one minute, looking away for 15 seconds or so and then repeating the pattern. Keep in mind that plenty of fake vendors are selling solar eclipse glasses claiming they'll protect your eyes. A total solar eclipse is slated to happen on Monday, as the Moon will cross in front of the Sun, blotting out the light from our favorite star for a couple of minutes along a 70-mile-wide swath of the US that runs ...

Bright moon may spoil Perseid meteor shower viewing this weekend

There is a presentation about the meteor shower for about 20 minutes starting at 9 p.m. highlighting what causes the event. Henderson said he would have liked if the moon were less bright this weekend . The meteors will be sparser around at that time but, the IMO says , "these meteors tend to be very long and long-lasting so it is definitely worth trying to see some of them".

Stargazers to witness Perseids meteor shower this weekend

They hit our atmosphere at a distance of 50 to 75 miles with a speed that can be 25,000 or even 160,000 miles per hour. "This year, we are expecting enhanced rates of about 150 per hour or so, but the increased number will be cancelled out by the bright Moon, the light of which will wash out the fainter Perseids".

Australia: Flesh Eating Sea Fleas Attack Teen's Legs While Swimming

That's a lesson Australian teen Sam Kanizay learned the hard way when he took a quick dip on a beach in Melbourne . "I walked out and saw what I thought was sand covering my calf and shook it off, and by the time I'd walked across the sand about 20 meters to put my thongs on, I looked down and noticed I had blood all over my ankles ", he said.

Destiny 2 on PC Will Have Restrictions for Specific Applications

One of the biggest incompatibilities comes for those who stream on one PC using Game Capture on OBS or XSplit . The PC beta for Destiny 2 will start later this month and a lot of players are very excited for it. Other game capture programs, like Razer Cortex , Fraps and Dxtory have similar limitations. Not only this, but some features of other third-party applications.

UT grad begins mission on Internaional Space Station

Now, they've begun a 6-hour, 19-minute journey to rendezvous and dock at the station's Rassvet module. The new crew will arrive at the station in about six hours. 250 experiments will be conducted by the astronauts at the orbiting lab including physical sciences, biology, technology development and human research.

Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus: Everything About Samsung's 2018 Flagships

There's a lot of anticipation for the Note 8, not only because of the fate the befell its predecessor, but also because the Galaxy S8 is a superb phone and we're looking to see those skills enhanced in the Note 8. Newsroom. The Galaxy J7 2017 also features a fingerprint sensor embedded under the physical home button. SlashLeaks , a platform for leak lovers where users track and share leaks, has a new render of the device that matches gadget and accessory maker Olixar's Galaxy Note 8 ...

Dark net markets AlphaBay and Hansa shut after huge global police sting

The Dutch police and Europol first gained control of Hansa on June 20, but didn't immediately shut it down. The site AlphaBay went dark in early July after an alleged administrator of the site, 26-year-old Canadian Alexandre Cazes , was arrested in Thailand .

Manu Ginobili finalizing details for return with Spurs

Ginobili and the Spurs , league sources told ESPN , were busy Tuesday finalizing a contract for the Argentinian wing to play at least through the 2017-18 season. Assuming that the deal gets done, the 2017/2018 season will be the 16th of Ginobili's career . He has played in five NBA Finals with San Antonio .

Attempt to ban military from providing trans health care fails in Congress

The U.S. House is set to vote Thursday on an amendment that would bar transgender people from receiving transition-related health care , such as gender reassignment surgery. House Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wis., declined to fully endorse Hartzler's amendment while telling reporters it's important for Congress and the Defense Department to work closely together on military transgender policies.

Apple Could Be Having Software Problems With Their New iPhone 8

Sullivan's source says the hardware is complete and working, but the software that runs the wireless charging isn't ready for prime time. Developers say the front of the new device will be all touch screen , matching a popular feature on competing smartphones.

Ads Coming Soon to Facebook Messenger's Home Screen

The ads will appear on the home screen (where you go in the app to find your messages) and could be widely available as early as the end of this year. Users will be able to temporarily hide specific ads, but not stop them in their entirety. The company plans to gradually wean them in as to avoid annoying users with a flood of new ads.

Microsoft confirms layoffs, up to 3000 jobs reportedly affected

Microsoft is expected to announce a major reorganization of its sales team today that will place renewed focus on its cloud-based products and will result in potential layoffs. CNBC reported that layoffs would cut up to 3 ,000 employees. With super-cloud computing platforms, resources can be focused on refining and supporting a single version of operating software instead of versions released every year or so to be installed on machines in homes or businesses, he reasoned.

Rumor: No Single-Player DLC Coming for Mass Effect: Andromeda

In April, as we reported, BioWare scaled down its Montreal studio , whose staff had developed Mass Effect: Andromeda with help from BioWare's other studios in Edmonton and Austin. Speaking with three sources familiar with BioWare's plans, Kotaku has found out that single-player DLC just isn't in the cards for Andromeda . It's unclear why BioWare has not yet talked about these plans publicly - and the company did not respond to multiple requests for comment over the past two weeks - but ...

Injury scare for Andy Murray just six days before Wimbledon

Murray is still expected to play on Friday before he begins the defence of his Wimbledon title on 3 July. Unlike before Paris, he is hitting the ball really well. "If the weather is good I am sure we will practice ". Murray was knocked out at Queen's in the first round by world number 90 Jordan Thompson . "We have seen that movie over and over".

This might be the worst thing about Google's upcoming Pixel 2

A 5.99-inch display with a 1440p OLED panel will be provided by LG, as reported by XDA-Developers. XDA's source says the Taimen/Pixel 2 XL will have a 5.99-inch display and much smaller bezels than on the previous Pixel XL , meaning it could have a similar form-factor than its predecessor.

WWDC 2017: Apple presents iOS 11 with an AR Kit for Developers

It will take a slew of new features to iMessage in iCloud person-to-person payments with Apple Pay, Siri enhancements and more. All in all, the new iOS 11 seems to be a pretty cool operating system, so we can't wait for it to roll out to devices.

New York Times sources say Uber discussing leave for CEO

According to a New York Times report , the company's board on Sunday moved to shake up the leadership of Uber owing to reports of Uber turning a blind eye to sexual harassment and corporate misbehavior. Uber Technologies Inc., based in San Francisco, has been rocked by accusations that its management has fostered a workplace environment where harassment, discrimination and bullying are left unchecked.

Nasa discovers 10 new 'rocky' planets like Earth

According to the scientists, over 2300 planets spotted during the Kepler & K2 missions have been confirmed so far, including 50 terrestrial-sized planets that lie in the "Goldilocks Zone" of their star. This now-complete catalog will help astronomers assess just how common Earth-like planets are in our galaxy overall. Exoplanets are planets that orbit a star outside of the solar system.

Supreme Court Set to Hear Accusations of Wisconsin Gerrymandering

The case was initially decided in November by a panel of two U.S. District Court judges and a U.S. Court of Appeals judge, which said in a 2-1 decision that the 2011 Republican re-draw of state Assembly boundaries is an unconstitutional partisan gerrymander .

Verify: Understanding the Russian Federation investigation

Rod Rosenstein recommended to President Trump that he fire former FBI Chief James Comey , though also chose to bring in Robert Mueller , now the probe's special counsel . At this point, one wonders if there's going to be anyone left in federal government who isn't somehow tainted by the Russian Federation stench, even if it only involves one penned memo .