Elon Musk's Tesla unveils its first electric lorry

Remember the original Tesla Roadster - looked a bit like a Lotus Exige, costed a lot more and went like stink? Instead, the all-electric semi truck is capable of driving 500 miles - and that's not with an empty load. This is a landmark moment for cars because the Tesla Roadster, previous deemed overpriced and relatively less exotic - is suddenly a bargain at ₹1.3 crore since it out accelerates the likes of a Koenigsegg Agera S, and the ₹13 crore Bugatti Chiron .

Facebook will now let you send money in the United Kingdom with Messenger

Are you excited by being able to make payments via Facebook Messenger? According to a BBC report, Facebook chose the United Kingdom as its first region outside of the U.S. Once you've done this, tap Pay and add your debit card. It may take one to three business days to make the money available to the recipient depending on their bank, just as it does with other deposits.

Apple shakes off worries about weak iPhone sales

Apple fiscal 4th quarter sales results are in with a return to growth in the smartphone, tablet, and notebook markets. Apple Inc ( AAPL .O) Chief Executive Tim Cook quashed concerns recently about muted demand for the iPhone X , saying pre-orders for the 10th anniversary smartphone were "off the charts", but it might be the company's market capitalization that needs a bigger graph.

NASA releases audio of what space REALLY sounds like - and it's TERRIFYING

NASA has compiled a Sound- Cloud playlist of creepy sounds from space that are sure to send a shiver up your spine. Some of these radio signals were translated into sounds to understand the signal better, the process also known as " data sonification ".

GameStop 'PowerPass' program gives you unlimited access to used games

While GameStop has yet to confirm the Power Pass program, it's likely only a matter of time before we got an official announcement. The PowerPass program will reportedly only be available to PowerUp Rewards members, so the games can be tracked.

How To Change Your Country Service On Google Search?

Whether you use Google as a default search engine on your Windows PC or Windows phone or use the Google Search app, the results will be localised. With this new Google Search and Maps update, the company is expecting that all users' experience with the services will be much improved.

Amazon Key Allows Couriers Into Customers' Homes and People Are Confused

The locks - provided by Yale - are available in a variety of finishes to compliment most doors. Prime members can purchase the " Amazon Key In-Home Kit" for $250. The startup cost to use the otherwise free in-home delivery system may dissuade some users. Others worry about letting a stranger inside their home and hackers.

GeForce GTX 1070 Ti officially coming November 2

The Indian OME's that are partnered with the Asus , Gigabyte, MSI, Zotac , Palit, Galax, PNY, and Inno3D and the prices vary depending on the OME that you choose with. It will be available at a starting price of Rs 39,000 in the Indian market and will go on sale on November 2 around the globe including India. All we have right now is pre-order Founders Edition pricing, which is $449, so $50 less than the GTX 1080.

IV Sasi to be laid to rest today evening

His first directorial venture was " Ulsavam " which released in the year 1975. This was the most fruitful period in his career as his films not only made moolah at the box office, but were also critically acclaimed. His last big hit with Mammootty was Inspector Balram (1991) that saw the superstar repeating his hit character in Avanazhi (1986) directed by Sasi.

Nintendo Switch Update 4.0 Also Adds GameCube Controller Support

Whether you're nostalgic for the early 2000's (someone is, right?), or, more importantly, deep into the Super Smash Bros . scene, the news that you can now use a GameCube controller with a Nintendo Switch will bring a smile to your face.

Atlus Officially Announces Shin Megami Tensei V in New Trailer

Though, that being said, seeing how previous games in the series have come Stateside (and Europe) it's possible we'll see Shen Megami Tensei V venture outside of Japan, as well. The Megami Tensei series started in the late '80s with RPGs for the Famicom (the Japanese version of the Nintendo Entertainment System). Those who jumped onto the series with Persona 5 might want to keep an eye on this one.

You can now control a Chromecast with Google Assistant on your phone

Ever since it came to light that the free/unlimited original-quality photos and videos storage for Pixel 2 owners has a time limitation (the deal ends 2020), some of those with original Pixels have been wondering if there's any similar limit for their devices .

Microsoft Edge browser (Preview) now ready for download on the Play Store

For Windows platform, it is still a great option, and for Android and iOS it brings incredible features like Syncing Bookmarks, history, etc. and in overall it gives continuous experience as it also brings the page where you left on PC or a smartphone.

High-Tech Features Distract Drivers for Dangerously Long Periods, AAA Study Finds

While previous research has shown that taking your eyes off the road for as little as two seconds doubles the risk of a crash, AAA found that entering a new destination into the navigation system could take drivers more than 40 seconds. Even older drivers called the technology cumbersome. But with Strayer's research, it seems that the argument is focusing on the dangers that complicated technology and their interfaces, present inside a vehicle.

Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition Adds Features, Free to All Current Users

There will also be a new mode that rewards exclusive costumes through the completion of timed challenges. What are your opinions on the Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition? In addition to the highly-requested Arcade Mode , Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition contains a bounty of new features, including Extra Battle Mode , Gallery , a redesigned UI, and more! The biggest news here is that the Arcade Edition is bringing new V-triggers for all characters, upping the number of available ...

Google Home Mini briefly listed on Walmart: coming October 19 for $49

For a brief shining moment Walmart allowed anyone with a quick clicker finger to pre-order Google's next smart speaker, the Google Home Mini. The page also briefly displayed what appears to be Google's upcoming Pixel 2 XL , according to 9to5 Google .

Samsung officially unveils Odyssey mixed reality headset

The Windows Mixed Reality platform will also support SteamVR titles. The headset is expected to be available on November 6, 2017. AltSpace is now officially a part of Microsoft and helps provide all sorts of content ranging from virtual reality meetups to comedy shows and more, Microsoft said .

SNES Classic controllers work with NES Classic, and vice versa

The Super Nintendo Entertainment System Classic Edition is smaller than the original 90's version and comes preloaded with 20 games . But how can you get one quickly? The Super Nintendo Entertainment System Classic , a mini-version of the retro console launching on September 29, sold out nearly immediately when preorders went live on August 22.

Neville Warns Manchester United About Returning Rooney

Of course, Lukaku isn't the only former Everton player in the building - Marouane Fellaini has become a key player for Mourinho, and he is [4.4] to score his third goal in four games. The Dutchman has said that instead of signing a target man, they've added different types of strikers. But it's too easy to talk about the striker.

Nine of Cassini's most exciting discoveries about Saturn

Cassini's final chapter began with its last Titan flyby , on Monday (Sept. 11), which gave the probe the nudge it needed to head toward Saturn . Milestones in Cassini's final dive toward Saturn in September 2017. "We're a deep-vacuum kind of probe". Live data will be streamed for the first time from Cassini via Canberra to the world in the early evening before the bus-sized spacecraft uses its last drops of fuel to manoeuvre directly into Saturn's atmosphere and begins its ...

Apple's iTunes removes iOS App Store from desktop version

The new iTunes is available for download on the Mac App Store through the Software Update mechanism. It was a redundant, inefficient feature that added confusion to an already bloated piece of software. The new App Store for iOS 11 will have a new Today tab which will have original stories from Apple's editors from around the world talking about the newest and latests apps .

Xiaomi takes on the MacBook Pro by adding back some ports

Powering the Mi Notebook Pro are Intel Kaby Lake processors, with customers able to choose from up to a Core i7-8550U or a Core i7-8650U paired with up to 16GB of RAM and up to a 256GB SSD. The only letdown here is the 1080p display resolution and 72-percent NTSC gamut, neither of which sound very "pro". Apart from that, the Mi Notebook Pro comes 2,400MHz dual channel RAM.

SpaceX launches Air Force's super-secret mini-shuttle

This launch - the Air Force's fifth Orbital Test Vehicle mission, or OTV-5 - marks SpaceX's first attempt at boosting the 11,000-pound unmanned space plane to low Earth orbit. SpaceX has launched the Air Force's super-secret space shuttle. Previously, Lockheed Martin's Atlas rockets brought the Boeing vehicle into space.

New details emerge on 'iPhone 8' design, removal of Home Button

Instead of a home button , users will perform actions using on-screen gesture controls involving a sort of dock of icons. The firm is also expected to unveil a major update for Apple Watch, plus a new Apple TV which supports 4K television, in its big annual event.

Microsoft Stops Selling Original Xbox One, Gone Without A Trace

The original Xbox One has actually disappeared from the company's online store in the United States without a trace. The original Xbox One launched in November, 2013 and the Xbox One S went up for sale in August 2016 . The Xbox One X , on the other hand, is off to a great start. If you are looking to get yourself an Xbox One S , there are some nice bundle deals available, including the Forza Horizon 3 bundle, Halo Wars 2 bundle, Gears of War 4 bundle, and Battlefield 1 ...

Samsung confirms plans to launch a smart speaker

It wasn't just the Galaxy Note 8 that was on show today at Samsung's Unpacked event, Samsung's president DJ Koh also confirmed the company is working on a Bixby powered speaker . "In the future, Bixby will have the learning power to offer more intelligent and personalized interactions and seamless connections across more devices", he added.

NASA captures ISS as it flies by the Solar Eclipse. Watch it

But, in an interview from Houston today, the 35-year-old Albertan said the plan after the space station is already starting to be defined. Station transits sun at 5 miles per second in video taken at 1,500 frames per second with high-speed camera from Banner, Wyoming.

Sims 4 Finally Gets Pets

Sims 2 and 3 both had pets expansions, which were among the last expansions to come out. It's the fourth expansion pack released this year, and it will include a variety of breeds of felines and pooches, and players can also use the Create a Pet tool to design a customized pet.

Xbox One X Day One Edition Spotted on Amazon Germany - Rumour

Slated for a November 7 release date , the game for Xbox One , Xbox One X , and Windows 10 has been pushed back to next year. If you were paying attention during E3, you'll have seen Microsoft announced the Xbox One X . However, hopefully we will get a better look at the number of developers planning to support this new console. Having a limited edition Xbox console available at launch would not come as a surprise.

Man With Eye Damage From 1962 Eclipse Warns Others To Be Careful

When watching the eclipse with special, protective glasses, Suh recommended viewing for one minute, looking away for 15 seconds or so and then repeating the pattern. Keep in mind that plenty of fake vendors are selling solar eclipse glasses claiming they'll protect your eyes. A total solar eclipse is slated to happen on Monday, as the Moon will cross in front of the Sun, blotting out the light from our favorite star for a couple of minutes along a 70-mile-wide swath of the US that runs ...