Even With Trump, Duterte's Not Done Fighting With The US

Dela Rosa's pronouncement came a few hours after he said he would disband anti-drugs units following the kidnapping and killing of businessman Jee Ick-joo in the national police headquarters in October. "[Dela Rosa] offered to resign [Saturday]". He added that the campaign would be suspended for a minimum of one month while corrupt officers were investigated.

Moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem Would be unsafe and Unwise

White House spokesperson Sean Spicer was reportedly asked about it three times, but he replied by saying there still is no decision on that issue. During the USA election campaign, Donald Trump spoke often about relocating the embassy, but since taking office the contentious issue seems to have been put on the back-burner.

Trump to order Joint Chiefs to draft ISIS strategy, restructure security council

The call for a new strategy against ISIS follows an executive order signed Friday to beef up the USA military with more aircraft, ships and war-fighting tools, a buildup that is likely to contribute to the new war plan. It would stipulate that administration officials could not register as lobbyists for a full five years after leaving the government - and could never lobby on behalf of a foreign government, the senior official said.

Where to feast for Chinese New Year

This is the year of the rooster. -Saturday is Lunar New Year, and the world's largest human migration is already underway. When the Lunar New Year begins to draw near, prices on the date-hiring app can surge from 3,000 to 10,000 yuan a day.

Chile battles worst fires in history

More global help has been arriving in Chile to help the country fight the worst wildfires in the country's modern history. Three others have died and three were injured over the past week. The United States deployed a Boeing 747-400 Super Tanker with a carrying capacity of 73,000 liters to help douse the flames, while Russian Federation had sent an Ilyushin Il-76.

United Nations negotiations on Syrian conflict postponed

He also said that Russian Federation has floated a draft of a new Syrian constitution in a bid to encourage debate - not an attempt to enforce Moscow's will on the Syrians. On Thursday, RT obtained the draft of the constitution from a Syrian opposition source, with the bullet points of the documents being territorial integrity of the country, separation of political powers, and respect for minority rights as well as worldwide treaties.

Pope Francis takes over Knights of Malta after condom dispute

This most recent row began last December when Grand Master Festing sacked the order's No. 2, Grand Chancellor, German Abrecht Freiherr von Boeselager. The Knights of Malta is a sovereign entity under global law, making the Vatican intervention all the more remarkable. Festing had cited the Knights' status as a sovereign entity in refusing to cooperate with the pope's investigation .

What could Trump do to the Bay Area's sanctuary cities?

Saturday, President Trump spoke at the CIA Headquarters Memorial where he told the intelligence community, "I know maybe sometimes you haven't gotten the backing that you wanted and you're going to get so much backing". Aurora and Denver have no official policy, but law enforcement officials there have said they don't do more to help with deportations because that approach makes it harder to keep the peace.

How many refugees has the United States taken in from Syria?

Trump also claimed that refugees are entering the country without documentation, which is false. Unlike the executive orders which were signed in the Oval Office on Monday and Tuesday, the order for the wall will be signed at the office for the Department of Homeland Security.

Astana summit: Opposition sets demands for new talks

The outcome of the Astana talks is also significant since there now seems an acceptance in the Syrian opposition that Russian Federation, in co-operation with Turkey is seeking a peace deal in Syria in the wake of the fall of Aleppo. They notably lack any USA role and come days after new President Donald Trump took office. "I can confirm that the delegations from Russia, Turkey, Iran, (UN Special Envoy for Syria) Staffan de Mistura, and the Syrian opposition delegation are all in Astana ...

Mexico president says seeks to preserve tariff-free NAFTA trade

Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto said he was willing to discuss trade, illegal migration and other aspects of bilateral ties with Trump but insisted he would defend Mexico's national interests. Protest sign: "Trump if you are Christian, don't crucify Mexicans." It was up more than 1.6 percent at 21.582 per dollar in the early afternoon. A figure of Mr Trump was also set on fire by demonstrators.

What Trump's Obamacare Executive Order Means

Obamacare isn't going away overnight. An expansion of Medicaid with federal funding was one of the larger provisions of Obamacare when Congress passed the law in 2010. Directs agencies to ensure the law is being implemented efficiently until it can be repealed. New regulations can not be issued overnight, but would have to follow a legally established process that requires public notice and an opportunity for interested parties to comment on the administration's changes.

Glance at Socialist Party Primary Candidates

Hollande was regularly polling below 10 percent because of public dissatisfaction mainly with his economic policies. The far-right National Front party of Marine Le Pen is generally expected to dominate the first round, reflecting a wider populist backlash in Europe and the USA, where President Donald Trump took office Friday.

Adama Barrow to stay in Senegal until 'coast is clear'

The U.N. Security Council issued a resolution Thursday in support of his rival, Barrow, who was sworn in at the Gambian Embassy in neighboring Senegal. "A very significant moment for the Gambian history", Haque said. Barrow waits to take up the reins of power, as Gambian President Yahya Jammeh clings to power Wednesday Jan.

Malia Obama snags movie studio internship for next move

Malia has just secured a highly sought-after internship with famed film producer Harvey Weinstein , The Hollywood Reporter confirms. The 18-year-old Malia , who is now taking a gap year after graduating from high school in June, will work out of The Weinstein Company's NY office for several months before matriculating at Harvard University in the fall.

ISIS Destroys Ancient Roman Amphitheatre in Palmyra

The destructions were confirmed by the country's antiquities chief, Maamoun Abdulkarim. But satellite images of the damage only became available late Thursday, confirming the destruction. The terrorists gained control of Palmyra for the first time on May 20, 2015, but were driven out by the Syrian army 10 months later, aided by aerial support from Russian Federation.

Dozens hurt as high-rise building collapses

Qalibaf had earlier said around 25 firefighters were trapped inside the building. Reports said the building had been evacuated, but firefighters were battling the blaze inside. Once the side of the Plasco building began crumbling, the rest quickly collapsed with it. "We had repeatedly warned the building managers about the lack of safety of the building", he was quoted as saying by the AFP news agency.

Jallikattu protests continue, Tamil Nadu CM to meet PM Modi

In May 2014, on a petition by PETA and the Animal Welfare Board of India (AWBI), the Supreme Court upheld the 2011 notification and said , "Bulls can not be allowed as performing animals, either for Jallikattu events or bullock-cart races in the state of Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra or elsewhere in the country".

Avalanche buries four-star hotel in central Italy

Rescuers battled overnight to reach the Rigopiano hotel, with the first of them arriving on skis. One survivor described his escape to Italian news agency Ansa . Italian media say the avalanche covered the three-story hotel in the central region of Abruzzo, on Wednesday evening. "The auto was not buried, so that's where I waited for the rescue staff to arrive".

Trump Adviser Says Not Expecting US-China Trade War

China issued a warning after Taiwan announced a group of lawmakers are planning to attend the inauguration of U.S. President-elect Donald Trump. A Taiwan delegation - led by former ruling party leader Yu Shyi-kun - is expected to attend Friday's ceremony.

USA stealth bombers strike ISIS training camps in Libya, killing dozens

Defense officials confirmed to several media outlets that a pair of U.S. Air Force B-2 stealth bombers as well as drones struck the two camps about 30 miles southwest of Sirte on Wednesday night. Mark Graff said in a statement . The operation more or less exclusively centered on Sirte, which was at the time ISIS' de facto capital in the country.

Saudi Aramco CEO sees balance returning to oil market in H1

The body also revised upward its shale oil production numbers for January to 4.71 million barrels a day from 4.54 million. The light, sweet crude oil contract for February on the New York Mercantile Exchange increased 11¢ on January 17 to close at $52.48/bbl.

Central Intelligence Agency chief warns Trump to watch his tongue

Brennan responded on Fox that it's "outrageous" to liken the intelligence community to Nazi Germany . Outgoing Central Intelligence Agency director John Brennan says President-elect Donald Trump crossed "the line" when he used Twitter last week to accuse the department of leaking an unsubstantiated, unflattering dossier and compare United States spies to Nazis.

Obama commutes much of Chelsea Manning's sentence

James Edward Cartwright who was convicted of lying to investigators related to the public disclosure of the USA cyber program known as Stuxnet. Chelsea Manning . She attempted to commit suicide twice past year, and the ACLU lawyer representing her said in a statement today that Obama's decision "could quite literally save Chelsea's life".

Scores dead as Nigerian warplane mistakenly strikes refugee camp

The original target for the airstrike was reported as Boko Haram terrorists, said Major-General Lucky Irabor, theater commander for counterinsurgency operations in northeast Nigeria. Doctors Without Borders have staff on the ground and are preparing to move medical teams from Cameroon and Chad to assist the wounded. It was too early to say if a tactical error was made, he said.

Rhode Island siblings kidnapped in 1985 found, mother arrested

Rhode Island State Police Lt. Col. Joseph F Philbin said authorities will not be releasing the names Kimberly and Kelly are now living under. They worked with the Texas Department of Public Safety to find Elaine Yates living in Houston, Texas under the assumed name Leina Waldberg.

Posh Puts Kibosh On Spice Girls Reunion

Spice Girl turned fashion designer Victoria Beckham is understood to have launched legal action in a bid to prevent her former band mates performing the group's iconic tracks under the name GEM. Despite her fashion empire losing £4.6m a year ago, Posh is still worth £250m - rising to £508m with husband David - considerably more than her former bandmates.

Trump Will Maintain Personal Twitter Account and Won't Adopt Official @POTUS Account

Pointing out that he had 46 million followers across different social media accounts, Trump told the newspaper: "I'd rather just let that build up and just keep it @therealdonaldtrump". -Follow CNBC International on Twitter and Facebook . And for those holding out hope that Twitter will put a stop to Trump's irascible tweets, it's good news too.

United States policy change on Cuban migrants welcomed

The U.S. has been pressing Cuba to take back people who are not allowed to stay in the U.S. The Cuban government has always opposed wet-foot, dry-foot, arguing that the policy encouraged people to leave. "I've got mixed emotions about it", said Raymond Gignac. Cubans who were apprehended in the waters between the two countries, however, were returned to Cuba.

West Ham were truly united against Crystal Palace

Clearly fearing that fans could turn their anger on a decal at the stadium that bears Payet's chant, a steward was positioned there ahead of Saturday's fixture. West Ham paid Marseille just under £11 million for Payet, and they can easily triple that if/when they decide to sell him. Bilic added: "I expect him to come back and show commitment and determination to the team, like the team has shown to him", he said.