London Police Make Arrest After Creepy Clown Incident

People should call police about any sightings. "Whilst we do not want to stop people from enjoying themselves, it is important that while having fun they do not forget to act in a responsible manner and understand that they could be prosecuted if a criminal offence is committed", police said .

Pence Promises 'Evidence' By End Of Day To Debunk Allegations Against Trump

Republican vice presidential candidate Mike Pence avoided questions about running mate Donald Trump's vulgar comments about women during a campaign stop in Ohio Oct. Conway said Trump was "channeling the frustration of thousands of voters he hears every day". House Speaker Paul Ryan and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell condemned Trump's comments but haven't revoked their endorsements .

Judge dismisses Sandy Hook families' lawsuit against gun maker

At issue is the 2005 Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act (PLCAA), which has prevented most liability suits brought by gun-violence victims and their families from moving to trial. After the decision was announced Friday, the families announced that they would immediately appeal. Gun control has become one of the key points of presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, who criticized her former rival Bernie Sanders for his support of the law back in 2005.

Boston Cops Still 'Critical' After Multiple Surgeries for Gunshot Wounds

Police say the officers were responding to a report of a person with a gun late Wednesday night in East Boston when they came under fire. Police say two officers were shot late Wednesday night. "You never really know what you're walking into", Evans said. Officers Mark Morris and Richard Cintolo were both struck. The department expressed its gratitude to the public for their support and asked for continued prayers for the officers' recovery.

3 killed, 12 injured in LA restaurant shooting, police say

An argument which erupted between partygoers at a restaurant in Los Angeles escalated into gunshots, leaving three people dead and at least 12 wounded. They're said to be in conditions ranging from critical to stable but serious. 'It was a series [of gunshots] first, like really fast, then a pause, nearly like someone reloaded, ' she said.

Another woman says Trump sexually assaulted her years ago

At least four other women, including women's rights lawyer Gloria Allred - who is representing Miss Zervos - have also claimed Mr Trump made unwanted sexual advances towards them. She said she was struck by how Trump's comments from the 2005 video mirrored her experience. She said Trump could not meet her for lunch, but instead invited her to his office.

Storms to bring rain, wind to Washington Thursday, Saturday

Mostly cloudy skies will roll into the area Thursday night as temperatures fall to a low of about 49. Better storm chances are possible Saturday night into Sunday , according to the weather service. Saturday has the potential for even stronger winds, but that is dependent on where a low pressure system will come onto the coast. European model of peak wind gusts Saturday in Oregon.

Bomb suspect accused of trying to kill cops to be arraigned

Ahmad Khan Rahami is taken into custody after a shootout with police Monday, Sept. 19. . He is suspected of leaving explosive devices in New Jersey and Manhattan the weekend before his capture. One of those exploded as a bomb squad robot attempted to defuse it. He's also accused of setting of a pipe bomb in a New Jersey town a few hours earlier.

Legoland Florida Bomb Threat Forces Evacuation

We have evacuated the theme park and hotel for the safety and security of our guests and employees - which remains our #1 priority. This is a breaking news story and will be updated . Jones also said that Legoland would work with park guests regarding their hotel bookings and theme park visits. Other park upgrades include a new theme-park land, Lego Ninjago World.

Attorney: PCP doesn't justify police shooting

Terence Crutcher, 40, had "acute phencyclidine intoxication" when he was fatally shot on 16 September, according to a medical examiner. An autopsy noted that both of Crutcher's lungs were pierced and that he had four broken ribs. The Associated Press also reported that lawyers for Crutcher's family said the toxicology report "does not change the most pertinent facts of this tragedy" and added that Shelby "should be held accountable for her unlawful actions".

Pence emerges in NC with praise, 'forgiveness' for Trump

Trump tweeted a reaction to Ryan's comments on the call later on in the afternoon. He said that Republican Congress was needed to keep Hillary Clinton , the Democratic presidential candidate, in check if she wins. Several prominent members of the party have pulled support for Trump, and the vast majority have publicly condemned his comments. Trump, meanwhile, blasted the top Republican in Congress.

Suspect named in killing of LA sheriff's deputy

Trenton Trevon Lovell , 27, of Lancaster was arrested in the killing. A motorcade led by sheriff's deputies and the California Highway Patrol escorted the coroner's van from Lancaster to the morgue near downtown Los Angeles . A deputy who was injured - but not shot - apparently when the suspect tried to commandeer the fallen sergeant's patrol vehicle, was also taken to a hospital, according to the sheriff's department.

Teen shot by LAPD was suicidal, called police

They called on city leaders to take "comprehensive and immediate action", including requiring "open, transparent and independent investigation" into recent police shootings, make Police Commission meetings more accessible to the public, and to stop arresting peaceful protesters.

Pirates volleyball goes pink for breast cancer awareness

Vehicles were lined up along the drive-thru route set up at Portneuf Medical Center to receive their sack breakfasts and breast cancer screening information. Access to care is still a big challenge for many African American women, and so is the cost of cancer care, she says. The difference is donated to breast cancer research.

Clown sightings reported in Orono

In recent weeks, there have reports of clown attack in Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, North Carolina and SC. "We called the police and some of them patrolled the area". "I suspect it's a kind of low-level hysteria, like Slender Man, or the so-called Bunny Man", King told the news outlet. "When you're thinking of walking, you have to be a caring clown from the heart".

Endangered Missing Mother & Infant Found, Cops Still Searching For Father

Raphael Bevineau is a 2-month-old black infant, with wavy brown hair, green eyes and a dimple in his chin. According to FOX59, both mother and child have been found safe. The license plate number is unknown. Police suspected she was abducted by 20 years-old Dustin Fisher in a tan 1997 Chevy, Blazer. Anyone with information on Madison Lloyd is asked to contact the Sheridan Police Department at 1-888-58AMBER (582-6237) or call 911.

New Jersey homes destroyed in blast after gas smell report

Fire are still smoldering beneath the debris at 16 Goshen, Postorino said. Officials said 12 other buildings were damaged in the blast, with windows being blown out at some while the roofs of others were pierced by flying pieces of wood. Neighbors and authorities said that before the blast a rush of gas was so powerful that a hissing sound could be heard on the street, accompanied by a strong gas smell.

Autistic man rescued at sea was once suspect in grandfather's murder

Authorities would not discuss the investigation into the boating trip. Detective Alfred E. Bucco wrote in an affidavit that Linda Carman's relatives have said, "Linda would not go out fishing on Nathan's boat farther than Block Island even though Nathan had attempted to get Linda to go out to the "Canyons" on previous occasions".

All 8 Harry Potter films returning to theaters

This is the first time that the first two Harry Potter movies ( Philosopher's Stone and Chamber of Secrets ) are going to be screened in IMAX. Be Civil - It's OK to have a difference in opinion but there's no need to be a jerk. A variety of ticket packages will be offered, so you can catch as little or as much of the Harry-thon as you like. The movie follows a wizard named Newt Scamander and is actually set in the USA instead of the United Kingdom like the original Harry Potter ...

Unusual start to new term: No arguments on Jewish New Year

The administration's immigration enforcement efforts, focusing on criminals, recent border-crossers and on people who pose a national security threat, will move forward, unaffected by the Supreme Court's action, Earnest said. The Missouri case about the separation of church and state was granted while Scalia was still alive and has yet to be scheduled for argument, possibly because the justices think they may divide 4-4.

Clergy prays for healing in city where cop killed black man

Some demonstrators threw bottles at police, and smashed vehicle windows. Some threw bottles at police in riot gear. The 38-year-old had come to the USA decades ago from Uganda as a refugee. Benge said at a news conference Thursday that she had grieved and prayed for other parents who had lost children in recent shootings by police in the US, but "didn't know that the next time it would be me".

Husband's intestines found in woman's luggage at Austrian airport

To make matters even more insane (seriously, Shonda Rhimes couldn't even make this sh*t up!), a local Moroccan doctor confirmed the woman's suspicions and suggested the intestine should be brought back to Austria for further inspection.

NY senator: Wireless emergency alerts must include photos

When police and federal agents began the manhunt for the suspected bomber in NY and New Jersey, an alert appeared on millions of cellphones asking for help in locating one Ahmad Khan Rahami. The FCC did not immediately respond to a request for comment, but is reportedly scheduled to vote on the WEA updates on September 29th. Robert Morse, assistant general counsel at Verizon, wrote to the FCC in April that the company supports making the alert messages longer, but warned that including ...

Princess Kate Dazzles in Red on Royal Tour of Canada

A young First Nations girl walks past Kate and Will during a welcoming ceremony at the Heiltsuk First Nation in the remote community of Bella Bella, British Columbia. "It is still a lovely place in the rain and everyone is prepared to get wet", said a spokesman for the couple. The Duchess of Cambridge dazzled in a scarlet cocktail dress tonight in her most glamorous royal tour outfit so far.

Poor weather diverts plans for royal visit

They're pictured here with Justin Trudeau and Sophie Grégoire Trudeau. The reception at the 13-bedroom property where William , Kate and their children are staying was attended by leaders in British Columbia's legislature, government and judiciary.

Schumer Calls for Technological Update of Emergency Alerts

Charles Schumer, D-N.Y., called for modernization of the federal emergency alert system. As police and federal agents hunted for the man suspected of setting off bombs in NY and New Jersey, millions of people received an alert on their cellphones asking for help finding the bombing suspect.

Typhoon Megi slams into Taiwan

Typhoon Megi's bands of heavy rain and 162-kilometers- (100 miles-) per-hour sustained winds blanketed the island by midafternoon as the eye of the storm made landfall on the east coast. Typhoon Megi is the third storm system to hit Taiwan in the last two weeks. The typhoon was moving across Taiwan and expected to head into the Taiwan Strait and on towards China today where it will make landfall in the south-eastern province of Fujian.

Screams heard as scaffolding ripped from skyscraper by typhoon winds in Taiwan

Television footage showed billboards and scaffolding torn down while trees were uprooted and roofs ripped off. The government's Central Emergency Operation Centre said that at least 167 people have been injured and more than 11,500 have been evacuated in response to the danger.

Both parties campaign in Florida Tuesday as presidential election nears

Anne Holton, wife of vice presidential candidate Tim Kaine and former Virginia Secretary of Education, will stop by Ann Arbor as part of her campaign through MI this week. The second debate will be in the form of a town hall, moderated by CNN's Anderson Cooper and ABC News' Martha Raddatz. Holton was a Richmond District Court Judge and has served as the Education Secretary of Virginia.

Syrian Regime Presses Aleppo Offensive

The Observatory said Monday that at least 128 people, almost all civilians, had been killed in Syrian and Russian raids on eastern Aleppo since late Thursday. With Aleppo back under siege since regime forces again fully surrounded the city in early September, residents were left reeling from food shortages and skyrocketing prices as well as intensifying violence.Several charity kitchens in Aleppo's rebel-held east were closed in fear of strikes, while water remained cut after pumping stations ...