Snap rolls out revamped Spectacles. But will Snapchat users buy them?

Snapchat Spectacles
Second-gen Snapchat Spectacles swing by FCC – so what's new?

27 April, 2018

According to Snapchat, the new glasses are more comfortable and lighter even though they look identical to the version one.

Finally, the new Spectacles (as well as the case) are water-resistant, which means you can dive in the pool or lay on the beach without worrying about them shorting out. The image transfer is now faster and it takes 3-4x less time to transfer files from the Spectacles to your phone over an ad hoc Wi-Fi connection.

The new Spectacles are touted as "hands-free", but you must, of course, use your hand to begin recording; it's not voice-activated. They allow users to take a 10 second video, a photo or a longer 30 second video.

These changes to Snapchat's Spectacles are certainly significant, and time will tell whether the glasses prove to perform stronger than their previous generation.

It also said it wanted the Spectacles to let users "live in the moment" while they snapchatted their lives. The glasses can record video at 1216 by 1216 pixels at 60 frames per second with a touch of a button on the left side.

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In order to better deliver the Snapchat Spectacles 2, the company refined the current model in three different ways based off of employee and consumer complaints.

The glasses are slimmer and come in a variety of less gaudy colors than their predecessors: a dark blue, a deep red and an onyx black.

Snap, the company behind Snapchat, has released its second generation Spectacles, as heavily rumoured over the last month or so. The charging case is also 1/3 smaller than the original version, making it easier to bring anywere and everywere. A prescription and polarized version will be offered later.

Spectacles are available exclusively at and cost £149.99. The new Spectacles now sport two microphones instead of one to improve the audio quality of far-field voices while also helping out with noise reduction.

The "new feature" referenced above is Snappables, Snapchats new AR games that launched today.

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