Tragic New Details On Southwest Airlines Passenger Jennifer Riordan Cause Of Death

Tragic New Details On Southwest Airlines Passenger Jennifer Riordan Cause Of Death
Tragic New Details On Southwest Airlines Passenger Jennifer Riordan Cause Of Death

20 April, 2018

"The amount of heroes on that flight was just remarkable, as soon as everything started unfolding, it was passengers near her seat that sprang into action", he said.

Jennifer Riordan died of blunt impact trauma after shrapnel from the engine explosion came crashing into the plane.

USA aviation authorities are to order inspections of jet engines after a mid-air explosion that punctured an airliner's window, killing a passenger. The directive will require an ultrasonic inspection of fan blades when they reach a fixed number of cycles.

The NTSB believes metal fatigue lead to an engine fan blade breaking in flight, ripping through the engine and sending debris into the wing and through a cabin window. "As Captain and First Officer of the crew of five who worked to serve our Customers aboard Flight 1380 yesterday, we all feel we were simply doing our jobs".

"It felt like it was free-falling going down", he said.

The National Transportation Safety Board said a preliminary examination of the blown engine from Flight 1380 showed evidence of "metal fatigue".

William Waldock, a safety expert at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, said he expects that this week's incident will push the FAA to require more detailed inspections of fan blades, but the details and pace will depend on whether investigators find fatigue in other fan blades on the broken engine.

Sumwalt said he could not yet say if the incident, the first deadly passenger airline accident in the United States since 2009, pointed to a fleet-wide problem in the Boeing 737-700. The crew was forced to use its remaining two engines to steer the plane to an emergency crash landing at the airport in Sioux City, Iowa. That I'll never be able to say goodbye to my wife, say goodbye to parents.

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The jet engine casing of a Southwest Airlines airplane that blew apart mid-flight, killing a passenger. "The maintenance burden and cost for operators to inspect all effective fan blades is much more significant than proposed", it said. A piece of the engine covering was later found in Bernville, Pa., about 112 kilometres west of Philadelphia, Sumwalt said.

Engine failures like this one, what we call an uncontained or a catastrophic engine failure, are rare events. According to the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association, an emergency at that altitude would have only given passengers 30 seconds to wear their oxygen masks.

Texas rancher Tim McGinty, of Hillsboro, said Tuesday that he and Needum struggled to pull 43-year-old Jennifer Riordan back into the plane. The woman who was almost sucked out of the plane's broken window Tuesday was wearing a seatbelt.

A well-known Albuquerque woman was killed in the incident.

Videos posted on social media showed passengers grabbing for oxygen masks and screaming as the plane, piloted by Shults, a former U.S. Navy fighter pilot, prepared for the descent into Philadelphia.

"If you can possibly imagine going through the window of an airplane at about 600 miles per hour and hitting either the fuselage or the wing with your body, with your face, then I think I can probably tell you there was significant trauma", Phillips said. She walked through the aisle and talked with passengers to make sure they were OK after the aircraft touched down. Who died on Southwest flight?

At an April 18 briefing, NTSB chairman Robert Sumwalt said the fan blade separated in two places. The NTSB investigation could take 12 to 15 months to complete, Sumwalt said.

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