Gender pay gap in Thurrock organisations revealed

JCB's Daisy Coombes who was recently voted the Institution of Mechanical Engineers Apprentice of the Year
JCB's Daisy Coombes who was recently voted the Institution of Mechanical Engineers Apprentice of the Year

05 April, 2018

Over half (52 per cent) of women who use an insurer are likely to switch their insurance company, compared to 39 per cent of men.

At the start of the year, expectations of equality are high.

"Numerous causes of the gender pay gap lie outside the workplace, and will require a partnership between companies and government if we are to deliver long-term, lasting change". If a company has a large gender pay gap, it's generally a reflection of the fact there are still more men in senior and/or well-paying roles.

Commenting on bonus pay gaps, Sam said, "In many cases bonus pay gaps - some which are more than double the gender pay gap - simply can not be justified".

Ms Champion added: "Increasing female participation in the workplace and reducing the gender pay gap is not only morally right, it's economically right".

What do the companies have to reveal?

Medical equipment manufacturer Bespak Europe had a median pay gap of 30.1%.

"We will get disparity between female and male workers because we have predominantly female nurses and predominantly male consultants", Mrs Bullock said.

The Council puts the gap down to the roles in which male and females work within, and the salaries that those roles attract.

HSBC explained that its mean pay gap - 59% - was the result of having more men in top jobs and more women in junior jobs.

The new data also revealed some success stories.

At 11.59pm on Wednesday the deadline passes for companies to report their gender pay gap details to the Government.

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As the deadline looms, figures have already been published for all major airlines with United Kingdom businesses. The entire aim is to encourage women to be part of the employment process with the same remuneration as men. In the upper pay quartile, the proportion of employees is 63.3% men and 36.7% women.

Which are the offending companies?

A source told the Press Gazette: "I think we're making ourselves look like fools and utter hypocrites, especially given all the work we do reporting on gender pay gaps elsewhere and how we make out like we're so pro equality".

Many of the UK's largest print companies have revealed their gender pay cap data as the government's deadline looms.

Male executives take the majority of the highest-paid jobs at all three major companies, and are paid by far the bigger bonuses.

The difference in mean hourly pay at Coast is 71%, and 65% at Phase Eight.

Smaller pay gaps in East Anglia have proved not to be sector-specific.

Hyland believes horizontal segregation may have something to do with explaining the video game industry's gender pay gap problem. EasyJet CEO was recently given a pay cut to match the salary of his female predecessor.

The BBC, which has a gap of nine per cent, has already declared it is working to improve the balance in earnings and representation.

By law employers with 250 or more staff have to report average differences in pay between all male and female employees at midnight tonight. Barclay's bank reported a women's median bonus pay of 46.9 percent lower than men's.

Women and equalities minister Amber Rudd said: "Reporting is an important first step, but what matters now is that employers actually take action".

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