Odds on White Easter with widespread alerts in force for snow disruption

Delta cancels 500 flights due to winter storm
Odds on White Easter with widespread alerts in force for snow disruption

30 March, 2018

The forecast for Monday remains uncertain but more snow could be on the way to the United Kingdom at the start of next week.

Forecasters have said temperatures will be lower than average for this time of year.

In the Black Country and Staffordshire temperatures plunged to as low as minus 12.5°C (9°F), and the snow caused Easter events across the county to be cancelled.

"This low-pressure system and associated front will bring some heavy rain and warm, moist air into the country".

SCOTS hoping to make the most of the Easter weekend could face travel chaos as the Met Office issued new yellow warnings for snow. Little to no snow accumulation expected.

The warning will come into effect on Thursday night at 9pm and remain in place until 12pm on Friday. It will be warmer on Friday with a high of about 62 degrees.

"At lower levels, snow will probably struggle to settle on tarmac and concrete surfaces".

Forecasters are predicting it could be a rather wet Easter weekend.

See the Video Above for the latest weather update.

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Easter Monday could see heavy snow dumped over England, Wales and southern Scotland - again affecting travel as people return home from their breaks.

Tuesday, there is a 30 percent chance of showers with a high near 55, the weather service said.

Snow showers are possible to continue through Saturday morning.

Showers continue expanding further southeast overnight.

Northern England will bear the brunt of the damp and snowy weather on Saturday.

Rain, snow, and thunder are possible for Denver, Boulder and Fort Collins starting about 4 p.m. and lasting throughout the evening.

After a dry start, there will be some prolonged spells of rain in the south on Good Friday, with rain forecast from Plymouth in the west to Dover in the east.

"There will be some sunshine around through the long weekend but overall rain is never too far away".

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