Amazon shares fall; tech giant considering Toys 'R' Us locations?

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Shoppers' Toys 'R' Us Closing Questions Answered

21 March, 2018

Amazon may be looking to once again expand its brick-and-mortar presence with the potential acquisition of several now-defunct Toys "R" Us locations, following the toy store chain's recent bankruptcy. That combination is looked at by some as an issue, as it means less young people are part of the economy and theoretically hinders stores like Toys "R" Us.

Another problem faced by "Toys R' Us" has been a new generation of youngsters who prefer playing games on mobile devices, rather than outright purchasing them, a company spokesperson said. The stores would reportedly be used to showcase its Echo line of devices.

According to Bloomberg, Amazon in 2015 considered making an offer for some RadioShack locations but did not.

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Toys "R" Us heads to U.S. Bankruptcy Court on Tuesday to defend its liquidation plan against an onslaught of objections from creditors, particularly suppliers demanding payment for thousands of toys ranging from Poopeez to Bratz.

If a purchase goes through, online competition will have officially ended Toys R Us. There are now more than 700 hundred stores across the country and earlier this year 180 of them began the liquidation process. Its division in the being wound down.

An investment group led by Isaac Larian, the founder of toymaker MGA Entertainment Inc., has submitted a bid to acquire the Canadian business. Companies from Sears to the Gap have been forced to close hundreds of underperforming stores as they groped for new strategies to survive.

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