4400 year-old tomb of top pharaoh official discovered in Egypt

Egypt: 4400 years of age Tomb found on the outskirts of Cairo
Egypt just uncovered the 4400-year-old tomb of an ancient powerful woman

05 February, 2018

"The newly discovered tomb of "Hetpet" has the architectural style and the decorative elements of the fifth Dynasty with an entrance leading to an "L" shape shrine with a purification basin", according to a statement by Ministry of Archeology.

The "Hetpet" tomb features "very distinguished" and well-preserved wall paintings depicting "Hetpet" standing in hunting and fishing scenes, or receiving offerings from her children.

Discoveries have been made near the site since the 19th century and archaeologist Mostafa al-Waziri, who led the mission, thinks there is more to be found, including another Hetpet tomb.

He believes Hetpet, a woman thought to be close to ancient Egyptian royals, had another tomb in Giza's western necropolis, which is home to the tombs of top officials of Egypt's Old Kingdom.

There are similar paintings that were found in other tombs, including the funerary chamber of "Jnoum Hetep II", of the Twelfth Dynasty discovered in Beni Hasan in the province of Minia, and in that of the "Ka Empire" in Saqara, south of Cairo. The tomb was discovered in October 2017 and that's when they started to dig deep to get as much information and history as possible. Archaeologists have been excavating the site for more than 170 years. We expect to find more.

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"What we see above the earth's surface in Egypt doesn't exceed 40 percent of what the core holds", Al-Waziri told The Associated Press.

"In ancient Egypt, it was uncommon for a woman to to be buried separate from her husband".

The area of the latest discovery is close to a new museum under construction that will house some of Egypt's most unique and precious artifacts, including many belonging to the famed boy King Tutankhamun. The finding marks the first discovery to be announced in 2018, Ahram Online, an Egyptian news organization, reports.

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