Russian pilot killed after Syrian rebels shoot down plane

The scene shows what according to Syrian rebels were fires caused by Russian military plane shot down by rebel forces near Idlib Syria reportedly on February 3
Syrian rebels shoot down Russian plane, kill pilot on the ground

04 February, 2018

A Russian Su-25 was reportedly shot down in Syria on Saturday, and the pilot may have been killed by Syrian rebels.

Hardline rebel groups including the jihadist, al-Qaeda-linked Hayat Tahrir al-Sham are active in the north-western province. The pilot ejected but was killed in an exchange of gunfire, the Russian defense ministry reported.

"Rebel factions shot down a Sukhoi 25". One of the armed men shouts: "He is Russian".

Russian Federation is a key ally of President Bashar al-Assad, and has been waging a military campaign on behalf of his forces since 2015. The pilot parachuted down into the area controlled by Al-Nusra terrorist group, the statement said.

Syrian government warplanes killed seven civilians and injured dozens of internally displaced people in Aleppo as air strikes and shelling intensified across rebel-held areas in Syria.

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Analyst Charles Lister said that the first footage of the plane going down was posted by a group affiliated with the Free Syrian Army.

Tass news agency quoted the ministry as saying Moscow retaliated with a strike from an undisclosed high-precision weapon that killed more than 30 militants in an area of Idlib province where the plane was downed.

UN Envoy for Syria also said that the constitutional committee agreed on at the Syrian National Dialogue Congress will comprise both the representatives of the Syrian government and opposition activists and thanked the forum in the city of Sochi for its contribution to the Geneva peace talks. Two months later, Turkey shot down a Russian warplane. It said it was making all possible efforts to retrieve the body.

Syria's state news agency, SANA, said Syrian troops captured the village of Maasaran as well as the Tel Tokan hill, cutting links between Saraqeb and the rebel stronghold of Maarest al-Numan to the south.

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