Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette vows thorough investigation into MSU

Lou Anna K. Simon
Lou Anna K. Simon

29 January, 2018

Though the sentencing marks the end of Nassar's time in the public eye, it has focused critical attention on USA Gymnastics, the US Olympic Committee and Michigan State University, the institutions that employed Nassar for about two decades.

Green, who played at Michigan State under coach Tom Izzo from 2008-12, told reporters he wishes "the victims well on the road to recovery" during his post-game comments after the Warriors' win over the Boston Celtics on Saturday night.

Asked about the resignation rumors, Izzo said, "I'm not going anywhere, in my mind". It details several years of misconduct at MSU in regards to protecting the athletic department.

Michigan State University will be investigated by a special prosecutor in the wake of Larry Nassar's sentencing, CNN reports.

MSU, in a statement in December 2017, said any suggestion that it engaged in a cover-up was “simply false”.

The four sexual assault allegations run countercurrent to what Dantonio said in June when he discussed the two sexual assault cases opened against four of his players. As noted by CNN, a recent ESPN investigation alleges that MSU officials have a pattern of burying reports of sexual assault.

The National Collegiate Athletic Association is also investigating Michigan State, and inquiries are planned in Congress and the state Legislature.

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However, MSU allowed Nassar to see patients for 16 months while the MSU police conducted a criminal investigation into the allegations, CBS News reported. The network said no police charges were filed in that case, but reported the woman went to Hollis with the allegations that she was raped. The letters follow the sentencing of Nassar for molesting women and girls under the guise of medical treatment. He's the second university official to step down this week.

He offered a short statement in court Wednesday, apologizing and saying that hearing seven days of victim impact statements had shaken him to his core.

"Let's be very clear: no individual in no department at Michigan State University is off limits", Schuette said. "I'm here to lend my support to the women who so bravely told their stories, one after another in the face of a university who put so much pressure on them to never tell those stories".

“She literally has devoted her entire professional life to this institution, and more than anyone else has helped make MSU a national and worldwide leader in higher education.”.

Since Nassar's sentencing, school president Lou Anna Simon has resigned and athletic director Mark Hollis has announced his retirement.

"We cannot change the past, but we can and will devote our time and resources to foster healing and move forward together", Breslin concluded. Although no one has alleged that Hollis had direct knowledge of Nassar's abuse prior to the former doctor's arrest in 2016, at least six women have said that they alerted an athletic trainer, coach or staff psychologist about Nassar's behavior, but no significant action was taken. Bill Beekman is expected to serve briefly in the role until the board of trustees can hire an interim president and then a permanent leader.

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