Sen. Nelson says he's ready to fight for International Space Station funding

Nasa could pull out of ISS after Trump administration hints at dropping funding by 2025
President Trump Plans to End ISS Funding by 2025

28 January, 2018

It would also effectively ground all American astronauts and halt all of NASA's space programs that are being conducted in the space station, which is practically all of it.

Recently, there has been concerns that the administration plans to stick to Obama's timeline and stop funding for the station in 2024. Sen. The United States has spent almost $100 billion on the orbiting laboratory and has continually looked for ways to keep it flying. Since 1993 the United States has spent over $87 billion to build and operate it, with ongoing costs until 2024 estimated at between $3 and $4 billion per year. "We will not comment on any leaked or pre-decisional documents prior to the release of the President's FY19 budget, which is scheduled for February 12".

The president's official budget for fiscal year 2019 is scheduled to be released next month, but a draft proposal, seen by The Verge, would call for USA support for the program, which has been in place for more than 20 years, to end. NASA's primary partner on the ISS is Roscosmos, the Russian space agency, and astronauts from Europe, Canada, and Japan also live and work on the ISS.

The International Space Station costs NASA at least $3 billion each year.

An artist's rendering shows Sierra Nevada Corp.'s concept for a deep-space habitat. The wording in the draft suggested eventually transitioning activities in lower Earth orbit, where the station resides, to commercial space companies.

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"At Axiom Space, we're building the first commercial space station", said Amir Blachman, vice president of strategic development for Axiom Space, during a panel discussion at the Space Tech Summit in San Mateo, California, Jan. 24.

The budget draft also makes it clear that the White House wants public-private partnerships to be a continued goal of NASA.

Nelson said ending ISS operations in 2025 "would likely decimate Florida's blossoming commercial space industry", a reference to the commercial cargo and future commercial crew launches that will take place from Cape Canaveral as well as support for ISS research.

"It's one thing to say this is the last space station that will be owned and operated by the federal government", Manber said. In an interview, Bob Bigelow, the company's chief executive, said that he plans to launch two space habitats to low Earth orbit by 2021. NASA is working with worldwide partners to develop a Deep Space Gateway, a space station that would orbit near the moon to help prepare for deep space missions.

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