Former Employee Says Michael Douglas Fondled Himself In Front Of Her

Michael Douglas' Accuser Claims 'He Was Rubbing' His Privates In Front Of Her
After a Pre-emptive Interview, Michael Douglas Is Accused of Sexual Harassment

20 January, 2018

Michael Douglas' accuser Susan Braudy spoke out about her sexual misconduct allegations against the two-time Oscar victor on Friday's episode of Today.

"He thought he was the king of the world and that he could humiliate me without any repercussions."

Braudy claims that she spoke up and repeatedly complained to the actor about his behavior and that people warned her against telling others.

But the worst incident happened in 1989, when she went to his New York City apartment to have a one-on-one meeting.

She says the encounter where Douglas allegedly masturbated in front of her took place at his apartment in NY in 1989 while they were meeting to discuss a potential character similar to E.T. At that moment, she "knew Michael was preparing to fire me".

Braudy also detailed the verbal harassment she said she experienced from Douglas, according to NBC News. "My mother was an actress, and I myself married to an actress and have been supportive of this movement wholeheartedly, through all my years".

Camera IconDouglas denies the allegation of sexual misconduct by Susan Braudy.

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She claims he masturbated in front of her, often used sexually charged language around the office, made "demeaning comments about her appearance and graphic discussions regarding his mistresses and more".

The Basic Instinct star hit headlines earlier this month when he told Deadline he was going to get ahead of the story and issue a pre-emptive denial, after being contacted by staff at both The Hollywood Reporter and Variety concerning accusations he pleasured himself in front of an employee three decades ago. The Oscar-winning actor also made inappropriate comments about how Braudy dressed, describing her style as "a pregnant nun". Then, Braudy claims she immediately closed her notebook and headed for the door.

'That rung is something I've only heard about the a year ago. The actor said their working relationship wasn't great, and he "moved on", meaning, he fired her. "I'm hurt, really hurt and offended and I wonder if people realise when you do something like this, it hurts a lot more than just one person". "I was very scared". Michael ran barefoot after me to the elevator, zipping his fly and buckling his belt, saying "Hey, thank you, you're good". He said at the time: "This is a complete lie, fabrication, no truth to it whatsoever".

Adding that he is "so supportive of the women's movement", Douglas said: "The part that hurt the worst is having to share something like this to your wife and your children". "You helped me, thank you, thank you". But he also said he's always been a supporter of women's equality and now backs the #MeToo and Time's Up movements "with all my heart".

"Coarse language or overheard private conversations with my friends that may have troubled her are a far cry from harassment", Douglas stated.

"I believe this is part of the problem, as is his pretext of victimization", she said in a phone conversation with Belloni.

Douglas then added, "Maybe she is disgruntled her career didn't go the way she hoped and she is holding this grudge".

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