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Kim Kardashian Calls Out Tabloid for Shaming Kris Jenner's Face as 'Chubby'
Kim Kardashian Calls Out Tabloid for Calling Kris Jenner "Chubby"

14 January, 2018

Initially, the surrogate didn't know she was carrying Kim's baby, the reality star revealed late a year ago during her appearance on the talk show The Real.

The pair took a selfie in the garden, with Kim showing off her teeth grills in the process.

Kim teased a project with the 24-year-old Spain-born stunner as she said: 'Guess what I'm doing today, guys?'

Kim Kardashian had hard, high-risk pregnancies for both of her previous children, and had advised by doctors that taking on that kind of physical burden a third time could be very unsafe.

Sita couldn't help but comment on Kim's mouth jewelry after a zoom in on the bling as she said: 'Oh work!' Their third child, who is being delivered via surrogate, will be a baby girl and is expected to be born in the next few days. She was alone in her bedroom when masked men made their way into her luxury apartment.

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This isn't the first time West has critiqued Kardashian's wardrobe choices. Fans believe this is because Kim is not one of the baby's aunts, but the baby's mother.

When she returned home, Kim vowed that she may never wear jewelry again.

It comes as the reality star prepares to welcome her third child with husband Kanye West, which is reportedly due very soon.

'She'll be hands-on from the beginning, ' a source told Entertainment Tonight. "It's a new year, with a new house and more changes". To keep the house safer, Kim doesn't want expensive possessions like jewelry at the house'.

It all started when the Daily Mail wrote a story about Kris Jenner featuring gorgeous throwback modelling shots from when she was just 22, which sounds fine enough right?

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