General Motors Reveals Self-Driving Car Without Steering Wheel

Above GM Fourth generation vehicle the Cruise AV
Above GM Fourth generation vehicle the Cruise AV

14 January, 2018

GM president Dan Ammann says that it is the first production-ready vehicle to have no manual controls.

The autonomous revolution is almost upon us, and today General Motors is entering the fray properly with this, the Cruise AV.

General Motors says it is ready to mass-produce a self-driving auto that has no steering wheel, pedals or any other manual controls. Under the standards now in place, Hemmersbaugh said, "we can't achieve them without a human driver or without a steering wheel".

While we also test vehicles in Phoenix, our San Francisco vehicles predict an average of 32 times as many possible interactions as those in Phoenix.

Waymo, a company that used to be part of Google, has also "made a limited number of autonomous vehicles without steering wheels and pedals", according to The Associated Press.

The Cruise AVs, which are models based on the current Chevrolet Bolt EV, are the fourth-generation of autonomous vehicles from Cruise Automation, which is a San Francisco startup General Motors bought out in March 2016. GM has said its first production automated vehicles will be in some kind of ride-hailing or ride-sharing arrangement.

Besides the absence of a steering wheel, pedals, and other controls for the missing driver, the Cruise AV adds numerous sensors including the pricey but crucial Lidar that can be seen protruding from the rooftop bar.

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The company has released an image of the interior of its forthcoming vehicle.

For the past several years, automakers and tech companies have been testing self-driving cars on the roads of California.

Once inside, passengers will receive constant updates on the car's progress and status through a series of touchscreens: one in the dash up front and two more behind the headrests for passengers in the rear.

Late past year, Waymo started an autonomous ride-hailing service in Phoenix using a self-driving Chrysler Pacifica minivan.

GM says that safety is a core focus for the creation of its new robo-taxi. "So its to meet the standards but meet them in a way that's different than what's exactly prescribed, and that's what the petition seeks to get approval for".

Only seven states now allow cars without drivers (though in practice there are virtually none, because the technology is still being perfected).

In its proposal, GM asks the administration for alternative ways to meet the 16 federal driver-based requirements for operating on public roads.

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