Find out everything Google Assistant can do in this directory

Find out everything Google Assistant can do in this directory
Find out everything Google Assistant can do in this directory

12 January, 2018

It's good to see the smart glasses market continue after Google Glass had a rough test launch.

Consumer electronics companies LG Electronics, Panasonic and Hisense touted adding Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant voice-response services to their home appliances and entertainment devices at press conferences on the eve of CES 2018. There are smart Samsung and LG fridges that can provide that info, but there's no easy way to plug that into my chosen Google ecosystem.

The Google Assistant integration will happen when you pair your set top box with a Google Home, Android phone, or iPhone.

Previous year we brought the Assistant to Android TV devices including NVIDIA's SHIELD TV and Sony's Android TVs, so you can find the latest blockbuster, stock up on snacks with Google Express and set the ideal movie watching mood lighting. Portal will be equipped with facial-recognition technology to enable users to link their faces with their respective Facebook accounts. One quarter of smart speaker owners report having a Google Assistant product such as Google Home or Google Home Mini. Amazon's Echo, the first smart speaker on the market, was introduced in November 2014. As the Jabra earbuds, LG 2018 TVs, and C by GE line of smart lights and switches, which support Alexa, Assistant and Siri, demonstrate, products can actually support more than one voice assistant. The more compact Heritage Wireless The One will also be somewhat less expensive than its larger sibling, with a suggested retail price point of $349.

TiVo has noticed that a lot of homes are accepting digital voice assistants like Google Home and Alexa into their lives, allowing those devices to make their homes and tasks smarter - and it wants in.

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But the variety of devices packing Alexa certainly appears to be growing ever broader.

Vuzix has been a regular at CES for years, crafting head-mounted displays and smartglasses often aimed at businesses - or very enthused wearable fans.

Jumping to a completely different product category, Acer and Asus announced at CES that they are bringing Alexa to their laptops.

Companies are rushing to incorporate voice control into their products and making sure they work with whatever service you use. That gives it an edge over the Echo Show, considering Google pulled support for the YouTube app on Amazon's touchscreen device a year ago.

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