Sid Meier's Civilization VI Is Now Available For iPad

Civilization 6 comes to iPad, full game to cost $60
Sid Meier's Civilization VI Is Now Available For iPad

26 December, 2017

Civilization VI unlike the other games will not be available for the iPhone, only for the iPad but not any iPad - it requires iOS 11 on an iPad Air 2, iPad 2017, or any iPad Pro. Mobile devices that run Android and iOS typically get watered-down versions of popular games - if they even come to smartphones or tablets at all - which makes a port of the full version of the latest Civilization game such a shock.

Aspyr Media further explained that it optimized the game for the iPad platform, adding new features such as a battery life indicator, settings for map movement inertia and zoom sensitivity, options to have the game confirm certain actions (combat, movement, and harvesting), and adviser messages to explain how the controls have changed for the iPad versus PC. If you're an existing fan of the franchise with compatible hardware, I know you've already purchased this so I won't waste my breath.

This game is nearly like the total version of Civilization VI that you get on PC. A game this awesome at this cheap prize, downloaded on the iPad. However, the game's previous attempts at mobile ports are not exactly that great. It's the full game, making it the first legit, main series Civ game to be released on mobile. Graphics seem to have taken a small hit in quality in the jump from PC to iPad, but other than that, this should be a true-to-form release.

Watch below the Civilization VI iPad trailer.

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"We hope to support DLC and expansions in the future but can not confirm timing or availability at this time", Aspyr said regarding the expansion.

Civilization VI now costs $29.99 on the iOS App Store as part of a launch discount, with it slated to go up to its regular price of $59.99 on January 4. The rest is the same and now you can touch the options instead of using a mouse to guide them on screen.

There is a section in the game that reads "additional content".

While the iPad version does support multiplayer modes, the game will only work on a local network.

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