Historic wins for LGBTQ, minority candidates in U.S. election races

Danica Roem  Facebook
Danica Roem Facebook

09 November, 2017

Democrat Danica Roem defeated Republican incumbent Bob Marshall on Tuesday, becoming the first openly transgender person to be elected to a state legislature. She raised almost triple the amount of campaign funds as Republican rival Bob Marshall, known as one of the most socially conservative Republicans in Virginia's House of Delegates.

Roem, who couldn't immediately be reached for an interview Tuesday night, openly discussed her gender identity during her campaign, but it was far from her focus.

The race was marred by Marshall's constant stream of petulant trans-phobia and general asshattery, including frequently misgendering Roem and depicting her as a bathroom predator, but Roem rose above his bottom-dwelling commentary-and trounced him on election day. He was the sponsor of Virginia's bathroom bill that would have discriminated against transgender people.

Roem also argued that Marshall, who has served in the House since 1992, has spent too much time on social policy.

"Danica will bring a reporter's eye to Richmond, and we eagerly anticipate her results-oriented approach to deliver for her constituents", the Virginia House Democratic caucus leader David J. Toscano and caucus chairwoman Charniele Herring said in a statement. "It's something that even if you are cisgender, but you have some reason that you've been singled out in your life, you have some reason that you've been stigmatized in your life, you've had some reason when you've been cornered in your life for being yourself, you can look at me and say, 'If she can do this, so can I'".

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On the campaign trail, Marshall and other Republicans repeatedly misidentified Roem's gender. Roem is a career journalist who worked for years at the Gainesville Times; she provides vocals for the thrash metal band Cab Ride Home.

Marshall conceded to Roem in a post on his Facebook page.

The night was historic a lot of "firsts" to be elected happened, like Danica Roem. "Though we all wish tonight would have turned out differently, I am deeply grateful for your support and effort over the years". Tyler Titus, who is openly transgender, won a seat on a western Pennsylvania school board.

This makes Roem the first openly transgender person to be elected at either a state or federal level to be elected to a legislature.

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