NASA releases audio of what space REALLY sounds like - and it's TERRIFYING

NASA releases spooky “sounds” of “howling” space
Nasa has a Halloween special for you: Spooky sounds from space to 'make your skin crawl'

01 November, 2017

NASA has sent hundreds of spacecrafts in outer space to capture images of the darkest corners of the universe. "Some spacecraft have instruments capable of capturing radio emissions". We can't hear these sounds in their raw form, so NASA has converted them into an audible format suitable for our ears-and the results are unsettling. NASA has compiled a Sound- Cloud playlist of creepy sounds from space that are sure to send a shiver up your spine.

Some of these radio signals were translated into sounds to understand the signal better, the process also known as "data sonification".

"The plasma waves, like the roaring ocean surf, create a rhythmic cacophony that - with the right tools - we can hear across space", it added. A personal favorite is track number 17, "Radar Echos from Titan's Surface", which sounds like a cross between an 8-bit arcade game and a dirt bike.

Meanwhile, Saturn, which according to Nasa is "a source of intense radio emissions" appeared to produce a spooky version of Star Trek-like sound effects. The radio waves from Saturn are closely related to the auroras near the poles of the planet.

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The auroras seen at Saturn are similar to Earth's northern and southern lights and occur when solar wind material interacts with the planet's atmosphere and magnetic field.

Just in time for Halloween, NASA has released a compilation of spooky sounds comprising of radio emissions from howling planets and whistling helium.

In 2011, NASA's Stardust spacecraft flew by the Tempel 1 comet. In total, 22 records of a few tens of seconds are available in free access on the playlist posted on the website Soundcloud.

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