SNES Classic controllers work with NES Classic, and vice versa

Super NES Classic Edition console. Following 2016Õs NES Classic Edition console the $80 Super NES version is a flashback to NintendoÕs early-90s glory days but it lacks many modern features. (Nintendo via The New York Ti
Handout via The New York Times File A Super NES Classic Edition console

01 October, 2017

"Nintendo will ship more units of the system on launch day in the US than were shipped of the NES Classic Edition system all previous year", reads a line in press releases that Nintendo issued Thursday morning and earlier this month.

The Super Nintendo Entertainment System Classic Edition is smaller than the original 90's version and comes preloaded with 20 games. But how can you get one quickly?

The Super Nintendo Entertainment System Classic, a mini-version of the retro console launching on September 29, sold out nearly immediately when preorders went live on August 22. Another bonus for fans is the chance to play Star Fox 2, a game that was cancelled before it could be released back in 1995.

One might expect, after the Great SNES Classic Pre-Order Debacle of 2017, that launch day would be a disaster.

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If you're sensing a trend, it's because the Japanese video game giant took a hit when their Wii U console didn't hit projected sales numbers. After you spend 15 minutes playing, you'll be wishing you picked up at least three of theses SNES Classic accessories. Nintendo still needs to brush up on its supply chain situation, but reports show things are going well, with many stores across different cities well-stocked with Nintendo's new nostalgia machine.

Earlier this year, modders discovered a way to boost the limited library of Nintendo's ever popular NES Classic using a software known as hakchi2. The NES Classic immediately sold out at every retailer, and jump-started what appears to be a classic system reboot campaign being initiated by Nintendo.

The 21-game lineup of the SNES Classic is outstanding - for proof, check out our review.

The SNES Classic is sold at the following stores online. You can find crafts and art projects for geeky families at her blog The St Button. The game system is valued at about $80.00, and includes two game controllers.

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