Dead, 2 Injured After Pair Of Rockslides At Yosemite's El Capitan

Hitting the heights Andrew Foster and wife Lucy called themselves ‘weekend warriors
Hitting the heights Andrew Foster and wife Lucy called themselves ‘weekend warriors

01 October, 2017

An official says the man killed when a massive hunk of rock fell of Yosemite National Park's El Capitan monolith was a British climber.

The climbers made it to the top after a couple of hours.

A wall of rock crashing down from the face of Yosemite's El Capitan.

He says climbers have been lucky that many rock slides have not killed people.

A climber who was above a deadly rockfall at Yosemite National Park says a hunk of granite "the size of an apartment building" fell off the mountainside.

Witnesses described a loud booming noise just before the huge cloud of smoke and dust rose up as the rock and debris crashed down the rock face. However, it was rare for such a collapse to kill anyone, longtime climbers said Thursday. There are about 80 rockfalls a year in the park, although many go unreported.

"We did re-route the roads in-and-out of Yosemite Valley yesterday afternoon because a little bit of rock were on the road", Scott Gediman, assistant superintendent for public and legislative affairs, said.

With two major rockslide in two days, the features of el Capitan are irrevocably altered.

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She said even with the rock slides she will be going there before the end of the year.

Lucy Foster was airlifted to a hospital and was reportedly in critical condition.

Rachel Evans, told KSEE-TV of Fresno that the family had just finished a three-day visit to Yosemite.

"We were trying to outrun it". As the latest rockfalls show, when rocks start falling in one area, they are likely to continue. "Let's go!' and at the same time my husband reached up and he was like 'Oh, my head, my head" because it was bleeding profusely and hurting".

"Mother Earth changes every day, and we just have to get used to it, I guess", he said Friday.

His wife, Lucy, was seriously injured in the rock fall. During the cataclysm, the mountain climber who was on the mountain of El Caftan fell down together with piece of rock.

"It was done at tremendous peril to the rescuers because there were three subsequent rock falls that were all almost as big and would have killed anybody at the base", he said.

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