Consumer Reports pulled its Microsoft Surface tablet and laptop recommendations

Microsoft Surface laptop computers sit on display during an event in New York. Consumer Reports pulled its recommendation of four of the laptops
Consumer Reports just pulled its Microsoft Surface tablet and laptop recommendations

11 August, 2017

Consumer Reports has announced it's pulling its recommendations on four Surface systems due to extremely high failure rates. Based on the results, Consumer Reports predicted that a staggering 25% of Microsoft laptops and tablets would have reliability problems in the first two years of ownership. From reddit's Microsoft Surface subreddit, user UTese shared his history with Surface Pro repairs.

"Microsoft is relatively new to the hardware business, and this is the first year we've had enough data to estimate predicted reliability for the company's laptops", the publication said in the report.

The breakage rate for Microsoft Corp's Surface devices is significantly worse than for other manufacturers' laptops and tablets, Consumer Reports said, adding that it was removing its "recommended" designation for Surface products. This year we looked at more than 90-thousand responses from subscribers about laptops and tablets that they had bought. It also claims it can not recommend Microsoft devices with detachable keyboards (ie, the June Surface Pro) or clamshell Surface laptops. The differences were statistically significant, which is why Microsoft doesn't meet CR's standards for recommended products.

The problems experienced by users included issues at startup, freezing, and random shut downs, the release said.

The problems cropped up when the magazine conducted one of its annuals surveys of reader experiences.

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Microsoft disputed the study, saying the company's return and support rates differ significantly from the Consumer Reports study.

"Every generation of Surface surpasses its predecessors in performance and in reliability", a Microsoft statement claims. Of course, the nature of consumer tech is that something will probably go wrong for a subset of devices over the course of their typical use.

Apple remains the most reliable laptop and tablet brand, according to Consumer Reports' survey.

In the same report, the firm found "that 25 percent of Microsoft laptops and tablets will present their owners with problems by the end of the second year of ownership". The study is also used to determine the reliability of products like refrigerators, lawn mowers, televisions and more.

Predictably, Microsoft is unhappy with the news.

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