Britain Bans Petrol, Diesel Cars From 2040

These countries want to ditch gas and diesel cars
Britain Bans Petrol, Diesel Cars From 2040

28 July, 2017

Britain said today it will outlaw the sale of new diesel and petrol cars and vans from 2040 in a bid to cut air pollution but environmental groups said the proposals did not go far enough. Volvo recently said all of its cars will have an electric motor by 2019, while BMW will build an electric version of its iconic Mini in Britain.

Judges ruled that prior clean-air plans were inadequate to meet European Union pollution limits in coming years.

"His Cabinet colleague, Michael Gove, the Environment Secretary, added climate change, not just the estimated 40,000 premature deaths a year in the United Kingdom caused by pollution meant "we can't carry on with diesel and petrol cars"., not just because of the health problems that they cause but also because the emissions they cause would mean we would accelerate climate change, do damage to our planet and to the next generation".

"The diesel sector is more riddled with misunderstanding than electrification", he said.

This is merely the most recent moratorium on gasoline powered cars.

Latest figures suggest that the UK's nascent alternative-fuel vehicle market is growing, with data published last month by SMMT suggesting that alternatively-fuelled auto registrations had increased by around 29% in 2017 to date compared to 2016, whilst diesel registrations were down by around 14%.

Mr Barratt also said that Ford is investing in electric vehicle technology, spearheaded by a forthcoming trial of a petrol-hybrid electric van in London, which is due to take place later this year.

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Before Trump definitively takes a decision it is too early to talk about any potential counter measure from Moscow, Peskov said. European business was considerably alarmed by the situation with the anti-Russian sanctions , the Russian envoy said.

The shift globally toward vehicles that are electric powered will create a big upheaval across many sectors from oil companies hit by less demand for gasoline to fuel vehicles to makers of fuel injectors and spark plugs, whose products will not be needed for electric powered vehicles.

Vauxhall said: "This is all about the vehicle but we should be looking at this in the round".

The toxic fumes are estimated to cause 23,500 early deaths a year and the problem was declared a public health emergency by a cross-party committee last year.

The plan also includes $1.3 billion for government purchase of ultra-low emissions vehicles, almost $130 million to improve infrastructure for electric vehicle charging stations and $378 million for retrofitting existing vehicles. The plan is to urge local jurisdictions to reduce emissions first, by fitting diesel vehicles with filters, changing road layouts and removing speed humps. This should force industry to develop lower emission alternative fuels.

Countries like France, Great Britain, China and India have set aggressive goals to phase out gasoline and diesel cars that will undoubtedly push the rest of the world towards greener cars.

"With so many unanswered questions about charging infrastructure, grid capacity and the affordability and availability of electric vehicles, we need a clearer roadmap on the government's 2040 vision".

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