US Navy Ship Fires Warning Shots Over Iranian Patrol Boats

Warning shots by a us ship, against a ship by iranian
US Navy ship fires warning shots at Iranian ship in Persian Gulf

26 July, 2017

According to CNN, the USS Vella Gulf and two other US ships were accompanying the Thunderbolt at the time of the incident.

A U.S. Navy ship patrolling in the Persian Gulf fired warning shots at an Iranian Revolutionary Guard ship after it got too close to the vessel, a U.S. defense official confirmed to VOA Tuesday.

Iran unveiled its latest air defence missiles on Saturday.

"After the warning shots were fired, the Iranian vessel halted its unsafe approach", the lieutenant said in a statement, adding that the Iranian vessel created "a risk for collision". The Iranians ignored several warnings from the American boat, including via radio.

The Iranian vessel did not respond when bridge-to-bridge communication was initiated by the US crew, the official said.

After warnings from the US ship, including radio calls, Navy officials ordered the firing of flares and blasts from the ship's whistle and warning shots from the Thunderbolt's 50-caliber machine gun, an official said.

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The episode marks the latest in a series of close encounters between United States ships and Iranian naval vessels.

The official spoke on condition of anonymity as the incident had yet to be made public.

It is not the first time since Donald Trump became president for the USA and Iran to come too close for comfort.

Officials characterized the actions of the Iranian boat as "unsafe and unprofessional", and not in accordance with worldwide norms for interaction at sea. The Iranian craft was likely operated by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps, which released a statement saying that a US boat approached an Iranian patrol craft this morning.

Iranian forces view the American presence in the Gulf as a provocation by itself.

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