Man Said He Killed, Burned 4 after Drug Deals

An admitted drug dealer with a history of mental illness was charged Friday with the killings of four Pennsylvania men who vanished a week ago
An admitted drug dealer with a history of mental illness was charged Friday with the killings of four Pennsylvania men who vanished a week ago

16 July, 2017

While the news this week of the quadruple homicide in Bucks County has come out in spurts, Friday afternoon's release of the arrest affidavit reveals almost the entirety of the grisly events that led to the death of four young men.

All four victims were found buried on an 80-acre farm in Solebury, Pennsylvania, owned by DiNardo's family.

Both men have been charged with several counts of homicide, robbery, conspiracy to commit serious injury, abuse of a corpse and related charges. Both have confessed, authorities said.

In exchange for the confession, Lang said, Bucks County, Pennsylvania, District Attorney Matthew Weintraub promised that he would not pursue the death penalty.

Family members of the missing men are holding out hope.

Dinardo told investigators that Meo and Sturgis followed him to the Solebury property in Meo's Nissan Maxima, the documents say.

"We are here to accomplish two goals, and that was to bring these men home to their loved ones, who have done nothing to deserve this frightful and unspeakable tragedy and to seek justice for them", Weintraub said.

"We're not going to rest until we get through every inch of that property", Weintraub said, according to The Associated Press. On Thursday, DiNardo apologized when asked about the murders, CBS2 reported. Weintraub said as part of his confession agreement, DiNardo told investigators where to find Patrick's body. "I feel relief. I feel so proud of my team and I feel resolved", said Weintraub during a press conference on Friday. The three others are identified as 19-year-old Dean Finocchiaro, 22-year-old Mark Sturgis and 21-year-old Tom Meo. They were buried together in what the district attorney described as an old oil tank that had been converted into a cooker. Dinardo then used the backhoe to pick up the men's bodies, then put them into "the pig roaster" where they too were burned, court documents say. Sean Kratz, 20, is reported to have been a possible co-conspirator with Cosmo DiNardo, 20. He was being held on $5 million cash bail in the vehicle theft case when he reportedly confessed to his role in the killings.

During a deal to sell marijuana later in the night to Meo and Sturgis, DiNardo shot Meo, The Daily Mail said. Dinardo took Patrick to a remote area of the farm and gave him a shotgun - then shot and killed him with a 22 caliber rifle.

Bucks County DA
Bucks County DA

The three men drove to the DiNardo farm and ended up in a barn where, according to the affidavit, Kratz shot Finocchiaro in the head with a handgun belonging to DiNardo's mother.

DiNardo agreed to plead guilty to four first-degree murder counts, attorney Paul Lang said outside court, where DiNardo had met with investigators.

Detectives arrived in force to search a house in Ambler that Kratz had listed as his address.

A young man from Northeast Philadelphia has been taken into custody in relation to the killings of four men in Bucks County, a source tells WPVI-TV.

The newspaper reported that his latest hearing in the matter was rescheduled because he "had medical issues".

When Kratz was picked up, he was out on bail for separate charges stemming from two burglary cases in Philadelphia. It added that in June 2016, surveillance video caught him and another man breaking into a property and stealing lawn equipment valued collectively at around $1,000. The father, Antonio DiNardo, posted $100,000 Tuesday to bring his son home. But within seven months he was back in police custody again. Investigators later determined that Kratz had sold the pieces for $345 at a resale shop on Cottman Avenue.

So far, no charges have been filed against Kratz. The case was marked closed in court filings.

Officials said there were signs some or all of the men knew one another and were working to discover their links.

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