Ads Coming Soon to Facebook Messenger's Home Screen

Facebook is testing Messenger ads around the world
The company is expanding the ways it can make money from Messenger which has 1.2 billion users

13 July, 2017

According to the Facebook official website, there are 1.2 billion users now active with Messanger, and this creates an opportunity for the marketers to expand the reach of their ads campaigns. The ads will appear on the home screen (where you go in the app to find your messages) and could be widely available as early as the end of this year.

In addition to Messenger ads, Facebook is inviting businesses to monetize Messenger by opening conversations with click-to-Messenger ads, managing conversations within the Messenger Platform, and re-engaging those conversations using sponsored messages.

Facebook has made a decision to introduce advertisements on its Messenger platform too, the social networking company has announced in a blog post.

Since there are more than 1 billion users now on Facebook Messenger, it was only a matter of time until they figured out how to monetize the platform.

The ads will start rolling out slowly.

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As for when you can expect to start seeing these ads, Facebook isn't quite sure. For example, you'll have your first few popular chats on top, then an ad, followed by more chats, which is followed by more ads. Users will be able to temporarily hide specific ads, but not stop them in their entirety.

The company plans to gradually wean them in as to avoid annoying users with a flood of new ads. Facebook has developed an in-app payment system that allows someone to transfer money to other users, including companies a user is making a purchase from. But Facebook has at least mercifully refrained from inserting ads into your actual conversations - for the time being, that is.

The ads will be shown between messages a user gets on his app, quite similar to how we see ads on Facebook, in between posts by our friends.

There are already plenty of ads on Facebook and Instagram, both owned by the same company.

The beta testing originally began in Thailand and later introduced in Australia as well as many unspecified regions.

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